- a working wanderer currently based in London -

    Doris Himmelbauer is working between Austria and United Kingdom. After several years of professional practice in Austria she started her MA in Fine Art Photography at Kingston University, where she graduated in 2015. Since then she settled down in East London where she is working as a full time freelance photographer.

    Doris is a multi-disciplined photographer with experience in the commercial and editorial sector. She worked with numerous high profile clients like BMW, voest alpine or asos and got internationally published in lifestyle and fashion magazines such as Glamour, Elegant and Virtuogenix Magazine.



    In which area do you work?

    Since I am based in London, flights are easy accessible. I love to travel and the only thing I love more is to travel for work. So anywhere in Europe is not a problem for me. (sidenote: Anything outside Europe neither)


    Are you able to organise a team around you?

    Of course! Several years of experience got me a lot of contacts. So wether you are looking for a HMUA, a stylist, a set designer or just a space to hire, I am here to help.


    What are your prices?

    Since every job is different I am happy to send over a personalised quote on request. Just tell me a little bit about your idea and we work it out. Usually I charge per half and full day rates.